" PROTOCOL "  Soft Basquiat / Untitled. 1982 - 1983.

" PROTOCOL "  Soft Basquiat / Untitled. 1982 - 1983. 2017.

Oilstick,colored pencil, crayyon and gouache on cotton paper mounted on canvas. 96 x 126 inches ( 243.8 x 320 cm ). © 2016 hideki fukada

"PROTOCOL" / Soft Basquiat Sans titre. 1982 - 1983. 2017.
Oilstick, crayon de couleur, crayyon et gouache sur papier de coton monté sur toile. 96 x 126 pouces (243,8 x 320 cm). © 2016 hideki fukada

For this work Basquiat produced twenty-eight original drawings and mounted them on canvas in a gridlike arrangement. Layering text and image in a manner reminiscent of graffiti and the free association of his encyclopedic notebook subjects, he created the effect of book pages laid out in sequence. Visible through an abstractly rendered head of an African American male, these language-rich drawings combine scientific diagrams, pictographic notations, and enigmatic references such as the observatory from the James Dean movie and Gorilla telepathy.                                                              

Concurrently they are a bibliography of world history here and there. Given that Born to a Haitian father and Puerto Rican mother, it is strange and may be a paradox that describe something about not a specific race but foreign nations history. They would have been contemporary as for an avant-garde and  conservative…

" PROTOCOL "  2017. ( the same as above )

" PROTOCOL "  Soft Basquiat / Untitled. 1982 - 1983. 2017.