Soft Basquiat / Buddha /Glenn


BUDDHA (Basquiat /Glenn 1985) 2018  103" X 120.5" acrylic, oilstick and xerox art on canvas    © 2016 hideki fukada

Bouddha (Basquiat /Glenn 1985) 2018 103 "X 120,5" acrylique, bâtonnet et xerox art sur toile © 2016 hideki fukada

This painting which is titled “Buddha” is based on Jean-Michel Basquiat's “Glenn”(1985). As the size is 103 "X 120.5", and the weight is 300 lbs ~,  slightly bigger than the original.

He was given “Gray's Anatomy” by Henry Gray from his mother in his young age, which later has a big influence on his work. Moreover, many skulls coming up in his work are also reflections of the view of life and death. In "Buddha", it appeared as faith, a symbol, so to speak, his artifact was translated into a new language.

He is called a painter of the Neo-Expressionism well, but probably it does not mean anything, but is conspicuous among other artists at the same period. Any pieces of his works are unique up to the details all.                                                                                                                                                                                         He uses lots of Xerox art in many works, where the distinction between original and copy is unclear there, and in here, "Buddha" overlaps and mix with the original Basquiat’s, or crossing it. My new work is another original work, being a Bona fide as well as his.  The more strong the original, the more vivid it may be.